PSAG Technologies is expertise into Integrating Salesforce with heterogeneous 3rd party on-cloud and on premise systems.

QuickBooks Integration

Two-way data integration with QuickBooks data (from Salesforce to QuickBooks & from QuickBooks to Salesforce), Scheduler, Field Mapping, Success and Failure Report.

Mobile Application

Salesforce Mobile App Integration with Android, iPad, IPhone, Blackberry and Window Mobile. Online & Offline Data Sync Process, large sizeImages and Data uploading, Mobile Dashboard.

Integration with other CRMs, ERPS

Integration of Salesforce like Sugar CRM, SAP, Goldmine, Informatics etc.

Google API Integration

Google Docs, Google Email Template, Google Calendar, Google Mail, Google Analytics, Google Search, Google Chat with

RDBMS integration with

Oracle, Sybase, Microsoft SQL, My Sql, Enterprise Database, MS-Access, DB2 or any RDBMS data integration with in two-way Synchronization, Scheduler, Filtering and Logics. of Salesforce Integration with in Developer Edition, Professional Edition, Enterprise Edition and Unlimited Edition with certain rules and limitation.

Facebook API

Facebook API Integration with for Profile detail, Recent Activities, Post, Friend List etc.

LinkedIn API

LinkedIn API Integration with for Profile detail, Recent Activities, Post, Friend List etc.

Meebo Application Integration

Meebo Application Integration with as login in Yahoo, G-talk, Meebo chat etc.

Video & Chat Services Integration

3rd party Video & chat service integration with as calling service, friend list, call history, chatting, and audio services.

SMS Alerts Integration

Outbound Change Set, Inbound Change Set, Deployment Connection, Validate and Upload, Synching and Deploy using Eclipse.

Single Sign On

Single Sign on Integration and Setting in for LinkedIn, Facebook and Gmail.

Graphics Integration

3rd Party graphics integration using Google API for bar graph, pi graph, metrics graph with platform application.

Captcha Integration

Verifying by Captcha integration with application platform.

Jquery Tools & API

Integration of jquery tools & API with application platform.

OAuth Integration

OAuth integration with application platform for LinkedIn, Facebook and Gmail and other application using access token.